Seek the Mysteries


Today is my birthday. I turn 46 today. Outside the ground is covered in at least a foot of snow and it is still falling. Doing my morning spiritual practice the house is glowing with an etherial white light from the snow. It is everywhere and I have never experienced anything like it. This morning is shinning with magick.

This time last year the threads of my life were coming unraveled. In the mythic and initiatic sense I was dying and it was miserable. A process that was years in the making was coming to a climax. It felt as if my world was ending…and I suppose it actually was. Now here I am one year later and one thousand miles from where I once lived and I am transformed, made new.


The last two years have been a fire of transformation. My life is an alchemical laboratory. I sit in wonderment in how incredibly different my life is this year in comparison to last year. I am awe struck by the realization that one cannot fully grasp the seemingly infinite roads of possibility that branch off in unimagined directions from this exact moment …right now.

Looking through old journals I was reminded that it was at the beginning of this month, back in 2012, that I took the vow to interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul. The world is pregnant with meaning. It is the Work of life to seek it out. Seek the Mysteries.

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