The magic in a cup of tea

I am generally an early riser. The early morning is a holy time for me, a still time where I can do spiritual practice, read sacred writings and maybe even do some writing of my own. My beautiful partner likes to sleep in a bit but tends to wake up the same time each day, about an hour or so after I have been up.

I am a coffee drinker. Before the sleep is fully cleared from my eyes my hands are on the kettle, heating up the water, pouring aromatic grounds into my shiny French press. No morning devotionals or study begin until the first cup of hot coffee is in front of me. My fiancé does not drink coffee. It was such a strange thing to me in the beginning. I have always joked that it is hard to fully trust someone who doesn’t drink coffee…it is unpatriotic! She favors tea. Tea!

When I hear her begin to stir I add some more water to the kettle and set it to heating. I go into the bedroom and greet her, get that first morning kiss that sets the day on a good track and then I ask her, “would you like some tea?” She always answers, “yes please.”


Now I ask her what kind she would like and she tells me and I set about fixing it for her. Over time I learn what her favorites are and which ones she likes filled all the way up and which ones she prefers with less water, more concentrated.

It is a little thing really, making a cup of tea for my partner. She is an absolute master in the kitchen and no doubt could make a better cup of tea than I ever could. Sometimes I fill the Earl Grey too high or leave the Super Green too concentrated. It is a small thing but she lets me do it. When she picks it up and drinks it she smiles and gives me a kiss and says thank you.

Relationship is made up of many things but I believe that some of the strongest magic is in the little, day to day things. The niceties, little acts of service and care, and seemingly small devotions.

“Love is the only God which cannot become an idol, for it can be had only in the giving of it.” (Jean-Yves Leloup)

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